Wednesday, November 18, 2020


 Ugh, I’m sad... a show closing is like a death, there’s a mourning process.  This one was special, my first professional clown experience, I wanted it, I trained, I got it.  Beyond grateful for the experience, yet wanting more more more.  Today I will go get my stuff and say goodbye to that gorgeous theatre,  it will be sad, there is no way to get around that.  So I will walk through that feeling with a smile for the simple fact that I did it, I got it done.  Ugh, but I’m sad....

Monday, November 16, 2020

Bye bye Zumanity

 Heard the news today... she did not survive the shutdown.  What an honor to have been blessed to perform in that room.  You scared me but you were everything I in visioned.   I trained hard to gain your your trust.  Thank you for allowing be to share in your Grace. All the feels, all the everything’s, beyond words, you who have stood in this power understand what it is I intend to say... so I will just say thank you.  Oh great, who blessed me with such a treasure, it was my honor to have been able to call you home, your essence and all of it, backstage, on stage, preshow show with adrenaline of let’s get this done, hear we go. Serving and being blessed with knowing the truth of  that place of knowledge in how to serve... the strength in that showroom, are you not entertained?!!!  Will miss you, but wow what you gave me, beyond a blessing, thank you, it was my honor, forever grateful, what a pleasure... oh the heart, how she can break when you know you have lost a true love... see you later DeeDee, perhaps or perhaps not, we shall see.  And again one must dig for faith in knowing all will be and do as it is, new dreams, new visions, all with hope, grace and love. Trust in all again shows her face, trust in all, walk on, great warriors of light, we need you, light the way, namaste.  Bye bye Zumanity