Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Staying on purpose

The fight of us all to find and have a purpose in days of nothing needing to be done.  The luxury of time and the self pressure of what to do with it, write a book simply for the joy?  For profit is uncertain.  Create an new act when creativity is limited.  Reinvent yourself to find a new purpose. Questions to ask yourself, now that we have the time... and what... heal thyself.  Release self doubt, release unworthiness.  All running around trying to find that which gives purpose.  In the midst of it all just trying to stay happy, staying grateful yet feeling the pull of something and so unclear about what that is, searching searching searching...

Friday, July 24, 2020

In it

We are in it now, this quarantine close to 5 months now.  Us all forced into the feeling of early retirement, realizing not so ready for a life of leisure, much left to do, but what of this unknown world.  How to find a path in this unpredictable fog.  Waiting for clarity, a sign, guidance of some form.  Searching for hearts desire, of simply needing purpose to function as a complete human and that what does that mean.  All the things, as the saying goes all the things.  Strength to me, to you, strength to us as we navigate for life, love, health and being.  What is to come...