Sunday, May 24, 2020

I Am Loving Awareness, words of wisdom from all that is.  As I exist in this gift of free time, yearning to grow and become all that I am, reading, moving, breathing, reflecting on life, shadow self ... hello?  yes she is still there.  I remember those who have come and gone, leaving a bit of their dust in my current self.  I remember you, you know who you are, do you remember me?  Do you carry a bit of my dust or is it sparkle? I like to hold on to those I love for I love so few, never a fan of what we call friends, they all seem to come and go, some cross over to family but they too eventually disappoint, and why is that, why do my eyes see that.  Fear, denial keeps us separate, to love is all we need, love is everlasting, never to end, so I carry you in my heart, all my days, perhaps you do as well, perhaps not.  If we are of the same source, then we are of the same fabric, we are intertwined and so it is and so it shall always be.  Some walk away because we are not what they need us to be, we love our versions of what we see others to be, but on this fabric, they are the shade they are, we loved that at one time, so how can it ever change, it is that... so I love you and always will, if never again in this physical form shall we intertwine, a reconnect in some form is inevitable, so I will not mourn the loss, I will just miss and remember when.  Namaste to you and to you all, I do love still.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

These days of waiting for the world to open up... to visualize in an uncertain future is a challenge.  This state of limbo haunts us all.  In the beginning it was a gift to have the freedom of leisure, no where you had to go, nothing you had to be.  Silence, retreat, all the things we think would be a gift if having to work was not a necessity.  And now here we are 2 months in, with many months to go. The quest begins, what to be, what is your purpose to rise each day.  Better yet, what is my purpose?   Creativity does not flow in this days of leisure... I could begin and then see?  Yet does not interest me.  Dreams of writing, what to say, self help or stories... Body worker?  Not feeling the call, not feeling much of a call in any direction... Wait, look within, search for clues, be, breathe, love, maybe that is enough and what really is enouph?  Peace is all we truly desire, eat right, exercise, rejoice in small wonders.  Small dilemmas in waiting for the world to heal.  I do feel Terra healing, so I guess just being grateful for this time for her, is enouph... we shall see...