Tuesday, September 25, 2012

friends gather 2012

Friends gather amongst water, sky and music.  Love weaves in and out for the clan with  a bond of creative flow. Water play to cleanse and explore.  Food to feed a tribe yet they nibble for with eyes and heart of a child,  they are too excited to stop and feed.  Music plays as the muse dances, tracks are counted, it's as fierce  as a crime scene.  The beat echoes through the canyon as we call to the night with the moon watching over. Guided to the silence, we venture above and witness the stars as the pleiadians shine upon us.  Laughter engulfs the air, song fills our heart with making our dreams come true.  Moments instilled in us for no camera can capture. Some find a spot to rest while the muse chants, I am still dancing. The Sun rises we travel on and take with us happiness, love, laughter, inspiration with the remembrance that life is full of wonder and we are  blessed to witness it's glory!  Loving us and loving what is  yet to be.... Shine on you crazy diamonds!!!