Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sallie's first show...

Sallie's first show...

A painting I did in honor of my beautiful Moma, may she fly free and be at peace in her new place, I love you always, your Marie

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

memorial speech for the passing of my moma

She was Clare to those who knew her, yet to me she was moma. When I was a child she wanted me to have a taste of everything. So here came the horses, music and dance lessons. All these things she loved, she had a plan, to give me all of it, so I held on for the ride. She made me a tough girl, One ex. was our first Arabian Stallion, first show, moma twisted her ankle and she chose me as the back up girl to show this young arabian stallion. So off my parents went to the hospital and there I was a 9 year old child in the ring with a very excited, spirited, arabian stallion. I have memories of bystanders giving me words of encouragement and a little confusion... Why is this 9 year old child with a stallion and where are her parents? She believed in me even then and in that moment taught me I could overcome any challenge. Then there was the piano lessons, I hated practice and fought her the entire way, yet she always said you hate it no, but you'll thank me later... and I must say she was right! I gave it up and I do wish I had stuck to it... What did stick was the dance lessons, yet I fought her on that one too... I loved my first little dance school, yet when she saw me as a kitty cat, It would not do, so she researched and found the best Ballet School in the state, Drug me in there and as it turned out, I loved it, then off to Julliard at 15, and I enjoyed a professional career for 25 plus years. I became what she had dreamed of for herself, a dancer. She taught me how to be strong, successful, live every moment and never give up. To know she was proud of me meant everything! She lived life, lived it her way. Stubborn at times, yet underneath it all there was so much love. When she slowed down and was just there with you, her spirit and touch was so calming and sweet. In her final days, we saw and felt the beauty of that love and I will forever be engulfed in it. I honor of her, this dance is for you Moma...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kauai/A Trip To Remember

Here's a little sample of my travels in Kauai, being inspired by the beauty of the Island, attempting to capture some of the magic, sharing a little piece of heaven, enjoy this part 1 of my travels, more to come...

unseen conversation/writings by marie

Standing Strong... I once read, our bodies like the earth, our emotions like the rain, they come and go, yet it is not what we are, for our true self is the earth, always there, always pure and wonderful, so do not judge yourself for having your emotions, they don't makeup who you truly are, as the rain they come and go, you always there as the earth, strong and majestic... this foundation, standing strong in the storm, swaying with winds, moving like the tides...

unseen conversation

Friday, September 4, 2009

Travel Video Doc. of Kuaui still to come... stay tuned...

Developing Sallie

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome to I AM U

Welcome to I AM U! Since we all are creative beings, my intention for this site is in developing a place to share and express visions as inspiration for us all... namaste