Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sweet girl named Kalie...a special day would be...

My sweet girl named Kalie, a special day would be... Oh look is that a kitty?  Oh those brown eyes would gaze at me with so much sincere love and so much to see...a special day would be...a play with her benu, a chase with her diego and patience for her zara always pursued...a special day would be...A swim with Mama, a search and rescue of a tennis ball, with pride and all... a special day would be...To do some yoga and a pass through on a downward dog, an outing, friendly greeting to passing canines...a special day would be... welcoming of guest to her nest, a roll around after a warm bath...a special day would be... A leisure day with a special treat, a greenie or new bone, maybe to bury or unbury of another's bone...a special day would be... a climb up the stairs to go to bed in her room to dream of the days passed and the days to come... she was always safe and loved, and shall always be... she now is free to have all her special days... For me I am still here to forever  remember my sweet girl named Kalie.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

there were four now there are three

There were four, now there are three... my sweet animals and me mourn the loss of Kalie, the sweetest Pitbull in the West. Thirteen years ago at the loss of another dog I decided it was time for a new baby, we found her in the paper at a trailer park, the last little girl, I held her in my arms and knew she was the oneyet I knew one day she would break my heart. That day is here... Three years ago she was diagnosed with diabetis we did our best to control the disease, got her new eyes and all, her health was once again failing, last year more test to rule out other diseases, all normal, so we thought. Two days ago she not doing well, her papa kept vigil by her bedside all night, hand fed liver and her favorite yogurt, in her favorite new bed, and outside as the soft night air blew... next day off to the Vet, as they carried her away on a stretcher she looked back with a sweet look as to say goodbye, drips and drugs to make her comfortable as more test were run. Off to see her during the day, she not wanting me there as she turns away, later that night to see her with her papa, again not wanting us there, one more kiss and pet, cute older dog above her with wise eyes as to say, do not fear my friend... we cried outside of the Vet as to realize she was ready to go, yet at home, feeling hope I thought she would make it through we would fight this and get a little more time. At midnight awoken by her papa to say Kalie did not make it... what I said no, as not sure if I was dreaming or what, a call I make to be clear about what has happened, it is true she if gone. I thought it would not hurt so much after loosing my Mom, yet the pain is just as bad, I thought I was prepared yet one never is. They say she went peacefully with no pain. As to their nature she was able to die away from us, a journey most animals want to take alone, yet me comforted in knowing some one was there to witness her passing... My home vacant and the walls are weeping, she is everywhere here, this is the first day without her and her world runs through my veins. I will forever miss her, those brown eyes, those soft ears and so heart aches my soul weeps. Universe above carry her in your arms, she is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet, protect her and keep her safe in her new journey, I like to believe that my mom met her and helped her cross over, that she runs with Drucilla and the other babies that touched my life, that she swims, chases her favorite ball and flies with new wings. I hope to see her greet me once again, tail wagging and all... I love you Kalie dear and always will, we forever miss you, love your mom Marie, kitty Benu, brother Diego, sister Zara and your papa AJ... Kalie Miller 10.20.98 - 4.18.12