Monday, January 18, 2021

Continued Shut Down

 So here we are, 2021, getting close to a year of uncertainty.  In these days I am more settled in my sanctuary of just being.  The beginning brought more anxiety of what to do, where to go.  Today I have settled into patience, yet is that good or bad?  Creativity comes in spurts yet not much planned focus on how to delegate that.  COVID visited our home, with my love having issues 6 weeks post, perhaps it passed through me, who is to say, sickness never arrived for me.  Brain fog I do have, yet that is expected with days of isolation.  I have little clarity on which step to take so gently I just care for myself, meditate and await for direction on how I should live my days, how can I contribute to the world.  One thing I do know is we are all in this together and I have great hope we shall all prevail.  So gratitude it is, for it’s the only thing I do know for sure, it gets you out of the shadow days, so much to be grateful for in my little life, walk on dear ones, look around, I bet you can see something beautiful, smile for that.