Friday, August 16, 2013

A good day for Diego would be...

A good day for diego would be...a morning front yard walk about, to take in the view, for he always loved to sit gazing at the world around him... A game of chase with his kalie, later a chase with Zara would do, with a game of who could have the best growl, an occasional tiff with the kitty benu, for they did have some territory issues... A ride to the park to pick out his favorite pine cone, a run down the slide, a run in the water sprinklers.... A road trip to a nice hike, with always leading the way... A return home to get a nice drink of water from his baba... A trip with his papa to get the family water, honored to be the helper...A new bone to guard, a favorite treat of chicarron.... A nice brushing, the stroke of the front legs was a good spot... A nice nap on his kitchen couch... A greeting at the door of his moma or papa... So many things he loved to do yet his favorite of all times would be when his papa played the piano and he would get his stuff animal,which the other animals always respected as his and never disturbed, he would nestle in with the music in the background, get it just right and begin to nurse with pure contentment.  He was always loved, always safe, and will forever always be missed.  We forever love you. Sweet baby boy!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The house weeps

Realizing as I have before, the loss of my beloved love Diego... Animals are like little angels filled with love, a soul that shines bright in your home, the fibers of the wall breathe in their energy.  Now that he is gone, I feel the emptiness that once was Diego, it is so quite, it is so still.  All of us including my home miss all that he was.  I  try to surrender to Diego here in this plane no more, yet it is hard, it hurts, it is simply just empty...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

There were three now there are two

My boy, my bulldog, my Diego.... He left us today just as I prayed he would go, gently while sleeping, no pain, no fear.  His last few months were hard, yet the change really happened when he lost his kalie girl.  He just began to age and show his thirteen English bulldog years, yet his other mate Zara kept him strong.  He suffered a stroke four months prior to his passing yet that could not stop a tenacious bulldog.  He fought to keep going, strong appetite till the end.  Hard for me to watch him struggle, to keep calm in his moments of anxiety.  I chose to serve him till the end to keep him safe, comfortable, and loved.  The day before I felt it is time for me to be brave and help in cross over, calls were made and I would watch him closely to see when I felt he needed to go.  A decision I have never had to make.  On the night he passed I watched him take treats from his papa.  In life you have those printed memory moments and this surely was one of them.  I went to bed yet felt the need to go see him and give him a big kiss and tell him it's ok, it's ok to go, moma will always love you so much.    The day before, I prayed that god would take him in his sleep, as that was always my vision for the little man, he was afraid of the unknown...I awoke to see him laying in his bed, stared at his belly as I had done each morning he was sleeping, and there it was, no movement, a gentle touch and it was true, he was gone.  My mourning process had begun, I have my rituals I do, as I have lost three great loves these past few years.  I am happy he is free of his confused mind, after the stroke he was never the same, he would have moments of clarity, yet always brief, hard to watch a dog with dementia, yet as long as he had the will to live, I stayed in there with him.  Goodbye my sweet Diego, you did us proud and thank you for giving me one last gift and leaving on your own, you were brave, you did good.  Give kalie our love, try not to hump her, have a nice run, nurse on a stuffed animal, chew a good bone, get a good brushing, a nice game of tug a war, yet do your favorite thing and have a nice gaze on a beautiful view.  I was honored to share life with you, forever in my heart, your mama,  Marie.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

friends gather 2012

Friends gather amongst water, sky and music.  Love weaves in and out for the clan with  a bond of creative flow. Water play to cleanse and explore.  Food to feed a tribe yet they nibble for with eyes and heart of a child,  they are too excited to stop and feed.  Music plays as the muse dances, tracks are counted, it's as fierce  as a crime scene.  The beat echoes through the canyon as we call to the night with the moon watching over. Guided to the silence, we venture above and witness the stars as the pleiadians shine upon us.  Laughter engulfs the air, song fills our heart with making our dreams come true.  Moments instilled in us for no camera can capture. Some find a spot to rest while the muse chants, I am still dancing. The Sun rises we travel on and take with us happiness, love, laughter, inspiration with the remembrance that life is full of wonder and we are  blessed to witness it's glory!  Loving us and loving what is  yet to be.... Shine on you crazy diamonds!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Zara howl

Zara howls when she is in trouble...

Sweet Kalie Girl

Memorial video that her papa made. Forever in our hearts...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sweet girl named Kalie...a special day would be...

My sweet girl named Kalie, a special day would be... Oh look is that a kitty?  Oh those brown eyes would gaze at me with so much sincere love and so much to see...a special day would be...a play with her benu, a chase with her diego and patience for her zara always pursued...a special day would be...A swim with Mama, a search and rescue of a tennis ball, with pride and all... a special day would be...To do some yoga and a pass through on a downward dog, an outing, friendly greeting to passing canines...a special day would be... welcoming of guest to her nest, a roll around after a warm bath...a special day would be... A leisure day with a special treat, a greenie or new bone, maybe to bury or unbury of another's bone...a special day would be... a climb up the stairs to go to bed in her room to dream of the days passed and the days to come... she was always safe and loved, and shall always be... she now is free to have all her special days... For me I am still here to forever  remember my sweet girl named Kalie.